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Work Experience for Students

Last year we placed over 2,500 students from 25 schools and colleges into work experience placements by engaging with our network of over 3,000 companies, from large corporations to small independents.

I didn’t know how many different jobs were available in one company IT, Finance, Marketing, Law.
Phoenix High School student on placement at L’Oreal.

Placements can be in any work sector including administration, creative industries, engineering, construction, hospitality and marketing. Work experience placements are offered to pre-16 (age 14-16) and post-16 (age 16-18) students. Bespoke placements are offered to students with special educational needs.

Why Work Experience?

Work experience placements are often a student’s first experience of the workplace. Placements help students develop key employability skills including communication, time-management and decision-making, which are vital for future employment prospects. They also help young people to decide on their future career or further study pathways. Work experience is valuable in underpinning the curriculum and is mandatory in post-16 vocational programmes.

Most work placements last for either one or two weeks, but we also offer termly internships, where students spend one or two days a week with a company for a whole school term.

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I now have a better understanding of what it will be like to work in catering and hospitality.
College Park student on placement at Marriott Hotels.

How your Business Benefits

If your company offers a work experience placement, we will support you at every step including pre-placement set up, central coordination and overall programme management. Offering a work experience placement needn’t be time-consuming and can bring significant benefits to your business.

  • Your staff gain supervision and management skills when they take responsibility for planning a young person’s work experience.
  • Your company can meet and shape the next generation of employees and customers.
  • You can support a programme that tackles youth unemployment and skills shortages, creating a stronger economy and society.

How Students Benefit

Work experience opens students’ eyes to new career possibilities and expands their horizons.

  • Students are more motivated and do better in course work and exams as a result of their work experience.
  • Knowledge and skills gained in the classroom can be applied in a working environment.
  • Students step outside of their comfort zone to experience a professional work environment.
  • Students develop important core skills and personal qualities such as time-management and communication.
  • Students gain first-hand experience of a job or sector that they could be considering for a future career.
  • Work experience expands students’ awareness of different jobs they could do, and the qualifications they will need to achieve to get there.

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