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Take Two: Time for Change and Take Two Europe

Take Two: Time for Change is a Paul Hamlyn funded programme with the aim to increase retention and engagement for post-16 students, leading to increased achievement and qualifications for those young people most likely to fail or drop out.

Building on the success of our Take Two project, we aim to provide interesting and creative opportunities to support a smooth and successful transition and engender a sense of optimism and excitement, to give young people hope for the future and encourage them to look at career planning in a totally different way.

Tapping into new developments in coaching and mentoring and the evolution of business ethics through corporate social responsibility (CSR) structures, we aim to create dynamic and creative partnerships between young people and their business mentors, and to develop and preserve a strong link between business organisations and education institutions.

Take Two Europe

The Take Two model has also extended to Europe under the Take Two Europe project, funded by the EU under Comenius. This model involves working with businesses on work related learning and careers activities to improve young peoples’ communication skills and readiness for the world of work. Take Two Europe builds upon this initial project by piloting the method in Finnish and Bulgarian educational settings. The main focus is on training teachers and education staff to deliver the model.

50 post-16 students have been involved in this project across Hammersmith and Fulham and 20 education and business employees have received information and briefing sessions. 10 students from William Morris participated and contributed to the DVD training materials development, developing scenarios and scripts with a focus on employability skills. The following businesses have participated in Hammersmith and Fulham: UKTV, BBC, Lyric, Disney, L’Oreal and it is due to conclude in October 2014.

Our own experience, based on evaluations from previous and current Take Two projects has demonstrated the astonishing impact on young people of a special relationship with a volunteer from the world of work. Such programmes demonstrate that these mentor partnerships often last for considerably longer than one year and that this longer relationship is of huge benefit to the young people. We recently worked closely with UKTV on a mentoring partnership with William Morris school (10 pairings) and UKTV have also run a learning for work day on their premises. 25 students from William Morris academy, Hammersmith college and Phoenix school attended this day.