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Careers Events for Young People

Our careers events are a great way to inspire young people who are thinking about their career choices and the qualifications they will need.

By coming along to one of our careers events as a business volunteer, you’ll help us give young people the chance to meet a huge range of employers and professionals. They will learn what’s really involved in working in a particular sector and what qualifications they will need and be exposed to a .

Our careers events include careers fairs and ‘At Work’ events which focus on how specific skills, such as Maths, ICT or English, are used in the workplace today. Visit our What’s on section to find what’s coming up, and how to get involved.

I am delighted that the day ran smoothly with all of our students feeling motivated and inspired.
Teacher, Grey Coat Hospital School following a Maths At Work event.

Careers Fairs

Our careers fairs give students the chance to talk face-to-face with people from a wide range of businesses, all in one place.

If you attend one of these events as a business volunteer, you can set up a table or display and talk to students about what your work involves and the qualifications needed to enter your sector.

Our careers fairs involve business people working in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Law
  • Science and Technology
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Social care
  • Media
  • Art and Design
  • Finance
  • Medicine and Health care

For students, it is an opportunity to speak directly with a wide range of industry professionals, which really helps them to understand the breadth of career opportunities available so they can make informed choices about their future.

For businesses, it is an ideal opportunity to develop your interpersonal and communication skills in a completely different setting whilst raising awareness of your company’s brand profile.

I have a better understanding of careers that involve ICT and what qualities I would need to be successful in that career.
Grey Coat Hospital School student at an ICT At Work event.

‘At Work’ Events

‘At Work’ events focus on how key employability skills such as English, ICT, Modern Foreign Languages, Science & Engineering and Maths are used in the workplace today.

Students are invited to meet business people who use these skills in their work. For our Maths at Work event, for example, they will meet people who work in engineering, buying, accountancy and market research. Or for ICT, it might be people working in design, animation, database analysis or app development. These structured sessions delivered by business volunteers include a short practical activity for students.


if you would like to arrange a careers event for your students, contact us to ask about our complete careers fair planning service.

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