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Business Coaching and Mentoring in Schools

Our coaching and mentoring programmes train and support business volunteers who want to mentor and coach local students.

By tapping into new developments in coaching techniques we aim to create dynamic and creative partnerships between young people and their business mentors.

It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you have helped to build a student’s confidence.
PwC Mentor

The Practicalities

As a mentor you will work one-to-one with a student aged 14+. You will meet them every few weeks to plan and set goals, discuss topics such as revision techniques, future career plans, and time management, and give advice on applying for university or a part-time job.

It has been a really great escape during the working day which has made me feel more positive.
RiseUp Coach

How Students Benefit

Having a mentor really boosts a student’s confidence and raises their aspirations. Students who have a mentor benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence, improved employability skills, better GCSE and A Level results, improved time-management and study skills and a better sense of their future plans and career options.

Every student on our mentoring programme in 2012-13 said they would recommend the programme to others, while 86% said it motivated them to work harder.

The training and support is excellent.
PwC Mentor

How Mentors Benefit

Mentors develop their communication, coaching and interpersonal skills which they can also apply to their work life and enhance relations with their own teams, staff and clients.

As well as the satisfaction of providing vital support to a young person at a time when they really need it, you will also gain a better understanding of the world of education and youth issues, as well as cultural diversity.

I feel as though my working life has been enriched.
RiseUp Coach

Become a Mentor

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