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Getting a Taste for Jobs in Science and Engineering

Grey Coat Hospital School’s At Work events aim to inspire and inform pupils about the range of career opportunities available to them, and this July’s STEM At Work event did just that for the science and engineering sectors.

Supported by Natural History Museum, Bouygues, GlaxoSmithKline, Renewable UK, and WhyNotChem, the morning allowed 150 all-female students to meet business professionals and participate in real life work tasks from analysing and categorising insects under the microscope to building a tower, and deciding where to build a wind farm based on geographical and environmental factors.

By getting a taster of what engineering and science roles involve 100% of students felt they gained a better understanding of different careers in these sectors.

For organisations that support our school careers activities like these, the benefits extend far beyond staff development and community engagement.

Attending the STEM At Work event was important for the construction industry as it diversifies the possible resource pool.
Benoit Midol, Bouygues

Grey Coat Hospital School’s next STEM at Work event will run again on Wednesday 8th July 2015 – sign up now to take part and help inspire more young girls into science, technology and engineering careers.