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How your Business could Benefit from Working with Schools

Everyone benefits when businesses and education work together. Here are some of the ways your business can benefit when you get involved with One EBP.

  • Our programmes help you reach out to the next generation of customers and employees.
  • We offer an effective way to deliver your CSR strategy and raise your company’s profile.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to your local community.
  • Develop staff communication and presentation skills.
  • Staff practise leadership, facilitation and coaching skills.
  • Boost the confidence and performance of your staff.
  • Give your staff a new challenge in a fresh and exciting environment.
  • Raise staff motivation, job satisfaction and loyalty to your business.
  • We make things easy for you by acting as a single point of contact and offering a supported, streamlined approach to working with education.

What Businesses Say

We have supported One EBP for a number of years, using their guidance and knowledge of the local area and Westminster schools. This has helped us establish our education programme in the local community and a framework of support for students in Westminster. One EBP also provides training for our volunteers, together with support and advice on a regular basis, ensuring that our staff have the key skills when working with young people.
Lindsey Nash – PwC Community Affairs

Work with One Education Business Partnership

It’s enjoyable too… 100% of our business partners who were involved in our careers events in 2013 said they enjoyed taking part. Find out how your business can help prepare today’s youth for tomorrow.